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Australasian Council for Undergraduate Research (ACUR) 

Abstract for 20 minute spoken presentation made at The Fifth Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research (ACUR) 2016

Abstract: The global response to climate change requires a new paradigm

Student Psychological Society (SPS)

An internal publication of CQUniversity, Australia.

Sheena was the Editor-in-Chief of the official publication for the SPS from Dec 2017 to Dec 2018 (SPSQuarterly). 

  • The publication went out to more than 2000 faculty and students of CQUniversity, Australia. It was reviewed by the Head of Psychology prior to release.

SPS Newsletter  2016-17 Articles

Mackie, SB 2016, ‘An emerging trend in interdisciplinary research and today’s psychology students’, Student Psychological Society (SPS) Newsletter 2016, no. 2, pp. 11-12.

Mackie, SB 2016, ‘An emerging global trend is combining psychology and sociology to bridge research gaps’, Student Psychological Society (SPS) Newsletter 2016, no. 3, pp. 12-13.

Mackie, SB 2017, ‘Staying safe in cyber-space and on campus’, SPS Psych News, Student Psychological Society (SPS), no. 1, pp. 4-6.

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