Singing Tuition & Newsletter

Sheena specializes in rock, pop & contemporary singing 

  • adult voice tuition (tone, range, breathing, technique, trouble-shooting)
    • singers wanting to work in the industry as professionals
    • tuition of professional performers already working
  • performance, repertoire, general advice
  • practical voice care
  • finding your own voice
  • and more…

An announcement will be made when Sheena is offering places for new students. 

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NEWSLETTER – Vocal Lifestyle (VLS)

Vocal Lifestyle was developed as a support newsletter for clients.

It began as a print publication, progressed to an email newsletter, and also had a short stint as a downloadable e-book.

Back issues available

VLS Issue 1 – 1999

VLS Issue 2 – 1999

VLS Issue 3 – 1999

VLS Issue 4 – 1999

VLS Issue 5 – 1999

More to come… 

HISTORY of Tuition Services

After hearing Sheena sing early in her career, several people asked if she would tutor them. Consequently, she first provided singing lessons to a select few from 1989.

In 1995 Sheena first opened a professional Voice Tuition Studio in Brisbane, QLD, Australia, with the recommendation and support of her classical (opera) teacher at the time.

She discontinued for a few years to pursue career goals in Sydney, NSW.

In 1999, Sheena opened her Voice Tuition Studio for students again, focusing in adult vocal technique tuition.

From 1999-2001, she developed some products to assist students.

  • a manual on singing ‘How to reach your full potential in singing; the secret knowledge of the world’s best vocalists’,
  • a cassette series ‘How to successfully develop your singing voice; a new program in learning how to sing’.
  • a newsletter for contemporary adult singers, ‘Vocal lifestyle (VLS)’
  • a support website (msn group) for singers ‘SingingTuition’

In 2003, Sheena opened a new studio in the heart of the city, which operated for 6 years in that location.

Following this, she took time out from teaching to pursue other career goals, including academic study.  The products were also withdrawn from publication at this time.

Sheena is preparing to offer her knowledge and experience to singers once again, following the completion of her university studies.

An announcement will be made when Sheena is offering places for new students.