Visual Artist

My story…  

Art was something that I always did.  Mum was an exhibiting painter and sculptor.  I grew up around artists.

When I was a young girl, I frequently won prizes for my art at local shows, taking out ‘Champion of the Show’ one year!  I even won a Scholarship from the Queensland Art Gallery, to undertake exclusive art classes.

So, of course, I studied art in senior school.  However, it was music and singing that ended up capturing my attention.  Meanwhile, I continued my artwork in the background, as a creative release, and because I enjoyed it.


A Doorway to Other Dimensions

In 2004, the painting bug had a strong hold on me.  I organised an exhibition for 2005, at The Verve cafe/restaurant in Brisbane, Australia.  Mum joined me and together, we painted spiritual and inspired works for “A Doorway to Other Dimensions”.

I was interviewed on local radio and the show was advertised through local city papers and websites.  My work sold out and I gained a commission!   The show was extended for an extra month also!

As my first major exhibition, it couldn’t have been better. 

The Cupboard Exhibitions

Following this, I exhibited frequently with “The Cupboard” group of artists, at MetroArts, Brisbane, Australia.

I am currently working on a new concept & series.