August 2017: Sheena News

Writing update

In the past few months, Sheena has been undertaking writing projects with a focus in adult cyberbullying (called ‘online harassment’ in USA).

Two articles due for publication have been postponed due to her current research project, which she is undertaking with a supervisor at her university.

The research investigates a different aspect of the cyberbullying issue,  but builds upon former work.

The aim of this research is to be Journal published.


Music update

4.5 Exotic woman 03 (Small)

John (Nymo) Nyman’s (previously of Geisha) double-vinyl analogue recording project is moving along nicely and tracking has started for the piece Sheena is singing.

In the meantime, Sheena has been catching up with some former band members and friends to play and enjoy music.

Sheena is currently developing ideas for her original work.





Amazing art moments…

Being an artist is an experience in the unusual at times!  

Here are two of those moments: 

The Rescue

WP_003122 (2)

“The Rescue” 2009, by Sheena B Mackie, 20″x 24″, Acrylic on canvas, (Artist’s collection).

The story behind the painting: 

In 2009, I was painting with the theme of ‘illness & recovery’ in mind.

I had an idea for an industrial scene, with colour and brightness, against dullness.

As I was painting, I felt as though I had become lost in another realm or world, and my hand was working independently from my body (a strange sensation).

An angel formed on the canvas before me, appearing to drag an ailing person to safety.

The world seems to be closing in, whilst symbols of faith and renewal gleam brightly.


Sea of Ghosts

DSCN0055A (2)

“Sea of Ghosts” 2004, Sheena B Mackie, 36″x48″, Acrylic on canvas, The Verve collection. 

The story behind the painting: 

It was December 2004.  I felt dark. Very dark. Downright gloomy.  Something was up.

I started painting.

Swirling water formed, like a tunnel.  I felt that it was important.  I kept going.  White paint… light… crossing over… faces… spirits.

Almost frenzied, I was in some sort of ‘zone’ of turbulence and almost, horror.

When I emerged from that zone, I stood back and looked at the painting.

I knew it was prophetic somehow.

Within weeks a massive tsunami killed upwards of 230,000 people.

**As I was organising an exhibition with The Verve Restaurant, at the time, I exchanged the painting for the cost of hosting my show. The owner of The Verve has this gem in his collection.