August 2017: Sheena News

Writing update

In the past few months, Sheena has been undertaking writing projects with a focus in adult cyberbullying (called ‘online harassment’ in USA).

Two articles due for publication have been postponed due to her current research project, which she is undertaking with a supervisor at her university.

The research investigates a different aspect of the cyberbullying issue,  but builds upon former work.

The aim of this research is to be Journal published.


Music update

4.5 Exotic woman 03 (Small)

John (Nymo) Nyman’s (previously of Geisha) double-vinyl analogue recording project is moving along nicely and tracking has started for the piece Sheena is singing.

In the meantime, Sheena has been catching up with some former band members and friends to play and enjoy music.

Sheena is currently developing ideas for her original work.




September 2016: Sheena News

Sheena: Writing news 

Academic writing news 

Article published in Student Psychology Society’s newsletter, Issue 2 

Sheena’s article has been published by SPS – a student society at CQUniversity, Australia:  

An emerging trend in interdisciplinary research and today’s psychology students, explores the implications of the growing popularity of combined disciplinary studies, and how students can best approach their studies in view of changing workforce requirements.

A follow-up article will be published in the upcoming double edition of the newsletter: 

An emerging global trend is combining psychology and sociology to bridge research gaps, investigates the real-world application of interdisciplinary research, and indications that it may be a growing field.

The Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research (ACUR) 2016

Sheena has been selected to make a 20 min spoken presentation of her sociological research at ACUR in October.   

Sheena has made it through into the second ’round’, in which she will make a presentation of the research that supports her peer-reviewed abstract. Her research is in the ‘social justice’ category and the discipline of sociology.

Sheena is an active student member of The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) and member of Golden Key International Honour Society.

 Sheena: Music news 

Currently, Sheena is co-writing (and performing) a piece of emotive vocal music with John Nyman for his upcoming double album. John was a member of Australian band, Geisha in the 1980s. More on Geisha.

1995-6_PEWorkshop_SM_02 (3)

Performing at Phil Emmanuel concert workshop (live concert still by S Mackie).

Sheena: Art news

Sheena is in the process of refining a unique concept for a new exhibition of her work.

WP_005337 (2)

Glowing crystal ball (photo by S Mackie).

Other writing news 

New age writing

Sheena is currently researching and writing her column Real-life objects of power and mystery, for the Summer 2016-17 edition of Your Stars, (due out in late November).

The column investigates artifacts (usually stored in museums) and the folklore or events relating to them, against modern day studies, case studies and public opinion.

She has been writing for the magazine for 12 years.









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