April 2019 Sheena News


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Music News

Sheena is currently working with Rob Fry (Robby Fry) in his duo ‘2 Much’.

Find out more about Sheena’s live work and performance dates at these links:


Sheena Mackie – Artist page

Robby Fry – Artist page


Sheena has just started on YouTube – subscribe today and help her get it off the ground – Sheena on YouTube here… 

Academic / writing news

Recently, Sheena received two Letters of Commendation from the Dean of Arts & Education and the Dean of Business & Law, for excellent results in 2018.

She is currently studying a Literature minor to complete her degree (Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business) and graduate at the end of this year.




August 2018

Writing news

New Editor position

Sheena is the Editor-in-Chief for the official publication of the Student Psychological Society (SPS) for 2018.

SPSQuarterly goes out to over 2000 staff and students of CQUniversity every edition, and is reviewed by the Head of Psychology prior to release.

Finishing that fiction project

In other news, Sheena has entered an emerging writers’ contest by The Wheeler Centre – The Next Chapter, for a Mentorship & Grant, to complete a book (fiction) she has been writing.

Music news

New Facebook page

Have a look at Sheena’s artist page (for music) on Facebook and please give it a ‘like’ to receive updates.

Performance news

Sheena is performing in a duo with Robby Fry at the moment, in a duo called ‘2 Much’.

Upcoming dates are: 

1 September – The Breakfast Creek Hotel 

7 September – Homestead Tavern

22 September – The Breakfast Creek Hotel 




November 2017: Sheena News

Writing update

Academic writing:  Sheena’s research project and paper on cyberbullying (online harassment) received a grade of 92% (High Distinction). It is being pitched to journals.

Singing Lately, Sheena has been recovering and preparing an archive of back-issues of the VLS – Vocal Lifestyle exclusive newsletter for singers.

Click the links below to see some editions from 1999 (via Publitas.com) 

VLS Issue 1 – 1999

VLS Issue 2 – 1999

VLS Issue 4 – 1999

VLS Issue 5 – 1999

Please note the left menu in Publitas – you can download a copy for yourself 🙂
MORE coming soon…

Music update

If you are interested in vocal tuition in rock, pop and contemporary singing, then keep an eye on the Vocal Tuition page. 

Colourful MEATLOAF Band Civic

Sheena singing with The Australian Meatloaf Tribute Show (30 June 1995) on tour.  Gladstone Entertainment Centre (Source: Ralph Hill Productions – FOH desk cam footage by Paul Harris).

Recently, Sheena has been catching up with some former band members and friends to play and enjoy music.



August 2017: Sheena News

Writing update

In the past few months, Sheena has been undertaking writing projects with a focus in adult cyberbullying (called ‘online harassment’ in USA).

Two articles due for publication have been postponed due to her current research project, which she is undertaking with a supervisor at her university.

The research investigates a different aspect of the cyberbullying issue,  but builds upon former work.

The aim of this research is to be Journal published.


Music update

4.5 Exotic woman 03 (Small)

John (Nymo) Nyman’s (previously of Geisha) double-vinyl analogue recording project is moving along nicely and tracking has started for the piece Sheena is singing.

In the meantime, Sheena has been catching up with some former band members and friends to play and enjoy music.

Sheena is currently developing ideas for her original work.




March 2017: Sheena news

Academic writing update

  • Sheena has an article on campus safety and security, being published this month, in the Student Psychological Society’s (SPS) newsletter.
    • The newsletter is an internal publication of CQUniversity, Australia.
  • Sheena is also consolidating ideas for a writing project she is undertaking at her university.


Art update


An arty afternoon trying out some techniques. Works by Estelle Toussaint and Sheena Mackie

New art group

With the demands of everyday life, art can take a backseat to other ‘pressing’ activities.

That is why Sheena has recently started a special group on Facebook for artists at all levels, who want to maintain and improve their skill level.

This ‘closed’ group is focused upon learning, sharing and encouraging.

The group is for drawing and painting styles in pencil (and pen), pastel (and oil pastel), acrylic and watercolour, as well as mixed media within those mediums.

If you are interested, please read the description and send a join request via the button. Thanks 🙂  All applications go through an admin approval process.

Facebook group link: Visual Artists: Learn & Inspire


New Age writing update

The Psychic Club of Australia Pty Ltd, is selling Your Stars magazine and moving on to other ventures.

Sheena will not be contributing to future publications of the magazine. This also marks the end of 19 years of writing for the Club, its affiliates and other new age publications.

The March news for this genre is available here:  New age writing news: March 2017

Any further endeavours in this genre will be research-related.

Music update

John (Nymo) Nyman is busy in the studio putting together various aspects of the Lives Travelled album.

Sheena is co-writing and performing a piece for the album, for which instrumentation is currently being recorded at the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.


November 2016: Sheena News

Academic writing update

On 27th October, Sheena presented undergraduate research at the Fifth Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research (ACUR), hosted by CQUniversity in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.


Figure 1: Sheena presenting at ACUR 2016.  Source: Mackie, S 2016

The 20 minute spoken presentation was in Sociology and in the category of Social Justice.


Figure 2: Sheena presenting at ACUR 2016 – Introduction. Source: Mackie, S 2016.

An abstract of the work is currently available here:

ABSTRACT: The global response…

*The full presentation will be available soon. 


Music update

Sheena is currently in the process of writing music with John (Nymo) Nyman for an upcoming album. John was a member of charting Australian pop band, Geisha in the 1980s.

Other writing work

An sociological blog is in the works, as are a few other publication opportunities. Sheena is adjusting direction to pursue goals in academic writing in 2017.


Figures 1 -2:  Mackie, S 2016, ‘The global response to climate change requires a new paradigm’, Fifth Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research (ACUR) 2016, undergraduate presentations, pp. 1-2.

More information:

ACUR: Australasian Council for Undergraduate Research; Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research 2016.



September 2016: Sheena News

Sheena: Writing news 

Academic writing news 

Article published in Student Psychology Society’s newsletter, Issue 2 

Sheena’s article has been published by SPS – a student society at CQUniversity, Australia:  

An emerging trend in interdisciplinary research and today’s psychology students, explores the implications of the growing popularity of combined disciplinary studies, and how students can best approach their studies in view of changing workforce requirements.

A follow-up article will be published in the upcoming double edition of the newsletter: 

An emerging global trend is combining psychology and sociology to bridge research gaps, investigates the real-world application of interdisciplinary research, and indications that it may be a growing field.

The Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research (ACUR) 2016

Sheena has been selected to make a 20 min spoken presentation of her sociological research at ACUR in October.   

Sheena has made it through into the second ’round’, in which she will make a presentation of the research that supports her peer-reviewed abstract. Her research is in the ‘social justice’ category and the discipline of sociology.

Sheena is an active student member of The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) and member of Golden Key International Honour Society.

 Sheena: Music news 

Currently, Sheena is co-writing (and performing) a piece of emotive vocal music with John Nyman for his upcoming double album. John was a member of Australian band, Geisha in the 1980s. More on Geisha.

1995-6_PEWorkshop_SM_02 (3)

Performing at Phil Emmanuel concert workshop (live concert still by S Mackie).

Sheena: Art news

Sheena is in the process of refining a unique concept for a new exhibition of her work.

WP_005337 (2)

Glowing crystal ball (photo by S Mackie).

Other writing news 

New age writing

Sheena is currently researching and writing her column Real-life objects of power and mystery, for the Summer 2016-17 edition of Your Stars, (due out in late November).

The column investigates artifacts (usually stored in museums) and the folklore or events relating to them, against modern day studies, case studies and public opinion.

She has been writing for the magazine for 12 years.









Website             Publication history            Twitter: @Thelema22


Writing News: June 2016

Academic writing news

Sheena has submitted two academic articles to CQUniversity‘s Student Psychology Society (SPS).

Her articles are currently undergoing peer review and approval by the head of Psychology at CQUniversity, Australia.

If accepted, they will be published in the upcoming editions of the newsletter.

The articles focus upon an emerging global trend towards interdisciplinary study and research, with a spotlight on psychology and sociology.


New age nonfiction writing news

WP_004252 (2)

Click on the link for new age nonfiction news:  New age nonfiction writing news


As per editor’s request: 

Link to FULL REFERENCE LIST for Winter 2016

Real-life objects of power & mystery – The case of: The mystique & authority of the Staff










Other writing news

Sheena also writes poetry, fiction, web (or sales) copy and song lyrics.

Sheena has been a published writer since 1998. 




Childhood dreams…

Here is a true story of a child with dreams and a sprinkling of savvy…

I dreamed of being an artist.

After all, my mother was an exhibiting artist and I had already won prizes.

Surely, this could be my future?


One holidays, I worked diligently creating a series of pictures with oil pastels. Not your average childlike scribblings, these were unique.

You see, I had discovered how to ‘etch’ pictures so that they popped out in rainbow colours from a black oil-pastel-canvas. I created about 15 of these masterpieces and stuck them up on the wall with blue-tak.

An enterprising and creative child, I arranged an art exhibition, using my shared bedroom (my sister was unimpressed) and charged for entry.

From memory, I asked my Mum to invite some people to come to my exhibition!

Although I cannot recall the exact entry charge, I do know that back then you could buy a bag of lollies for 20 cents!  I was rich!!

Did I have some inner-navigation that years later, I would exhibit and sell my art?

Amazing art moments…

Being an artist is an experience in the unusual at times!  

Here are two of those moments: 

The Rescue

WP_003122 (2)

“The Rescue” 2009, by Sheena B Mackie, 20″x 24″, Acrylic on canvas, (Artist’s collection).

The story behind the painting: 

In 2009, I was painting with the theme of ‘illness & recovery’ in mind.

I had an idea for an industrial scene, with colour and brightness, against dullness.

As I was painting, I felt as though I had become lost in another realm or world, and my hand was working independently from my body (a strange sensation).

An angel formed on the canvas before me, appearing to drag an ailing person to safety.

The world seems to be closing in, whilst symbols of faith and renewal gleam brightly.


Sea of Ghosts

DSCN0055A (2)

“Sea of Ghosts” 2004, Sheena B Mackie, 36″x48″, Acrylic on canvas, The Verve collection. 

The story behind the painting: 

It was December 2004.  I felt dark. Very dark. Downright gloomy.  Something was up.

I started painting.

Swirling water formed, like a tunnel.  I felt that it was important.  I kept going.  White paint… light… crossing over… faces… spirits.

Almost frenzied, I was in some sort of ‘zone’ of turbulence and almost, horror.

When I emerged from that zone, I stood back and looked at the painting.

I knew it was prophetic somehow.

Within weeks a massive tsunami killed upwards of 230,000 people.

**As I was organising an exhibition with The Verve Restaurant, at the time, I exchanged the painting for the cost of hosting my show. The owner of The Verve has this gem in his collection.