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What does Sheena sound like in 2020? 

Listen to recent recordings to experience some of Sheena’s textures and styles, used in covers singing on the live circuit in Australia.

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The Prophecy

The Prophecy CD image

Released in year 2000 by The Psychic Club of Australia. Featured on Psychic Interactive (Psychic) magazine, through Gordon & Gotch distribution, Australia in 2000.

In the year 2000, Sheena released an experimental CD called ‘The Prophecy’, under the alias ‘Carishana’, which was featured on the cover of a national magazine in Australia.

It contained 100 inspirational quotes and five songs.  The idea was to place the CD on random select to answer your ‘question’.


The story of The Prophecy

The Prophecy began with an idea Sheena had for an album called ‘Self-fulfilling Prophecy’, however, that became a song on The Prophecy.  The concept was originally, to produce an inspirational and spiritually driven album of songs that touched upon the process of life; from birth to death.

Sheena wrote a handful of songs for the first concept, but in collaborating with producer Stuart Stuart (Chartsong Productions at the time), it was decided that Stuart would create some music to which Sheena could write lyrics and melody.

At the time, Sheena had been working in the studio as a session singer on Stuart’s song demos.  They had also worked together on the live circuit for several years in ‘Zone 7’ (trio), and ‘Oracle’ (duo).

The songs were written from the first conception of the album, within two months and the entire album was recorded, mixed and mastered in 5 days.

The CD almost got Sheena signed to a major label in the USA, but her management declined the terms of the contract, which would have seen her turned into a manufactured pop-star, (not allowed to write her own songs with little to no creative control).  Following this, it was no longer promoted, as she sought new direction.

However, the songs of The Prophecy remain a testament to her broad vocal range, emotive power, and songwriting abilities, as well as to Stuart’s outstanding talent.

Listen to the songs of The Prophecy

Theme            Song                               Lyrics & Melody Written

Birth                 New Life                                           6 August 2000

Love                 Day by Day                                      26 July 2000

Success            Self-fulfilling Prophecy                14 August 2000

Self-esteem     The Treasure                                  24 August 2000

Death               Going Home                                    29 August 2000

** All lyrics and other credits are in the ‘info’ tab when you click upon each song in Soundcloud.

Other music projects 

Sheena has co-written with quite a few songwriters, as well as singing backing vocals on a variety of albums.

She recorded an EP called ‘It’s True’ with Stuart Stuart (sold independently, but never officially released), and her session singing for songwriter Simon Birks was featured on Stuart’s Chartsong promotional CD.

Some recordings by Sheena

(From left top) Chartsong promo CDS, EP – It’s True, CD Sampler B&M Music (song ‘Reflections’), Session vocals for Childrens show and CD by David Shortland, The Prophecy, Vocal sessions – songs by Simon Birks.

A potential B-Side of a dance version of an ABBA song featuring Sheena, for Stuart’s act Pirates of Pop, was declined by the record company, being seen as a conflict of interests. Nowadays, ‘featuring (feat.)’ is popular and no longer seen in that way. It seems that timing is everything in the business!

Prior to this, Sheena had recorded with a variety of people in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia.

See the Musical Artist page for more information (scroll down to Studio work).

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